The Recovery Position

info32 If someone has collapsed and is still breathing:

  • Keep airway open by tilting the head and lifting chin
  • Check that they have not swallowed their tongue and that there are no dentures/foreign bodies/vomit in the mouth. If necessary, scoop out with your index finger
  • With the casualty lying on his/her back kneel at the side and raise the patient’s arm (A)
  • Lift the patient’s furthest knee and bring furthest hand to the near side of the face (B)
  • Using the patient’s knee as a lever pull him/her on to your knees (C)
  • Adjust the patient’s position as shown (D)
  • If the casualty has head, neck or spinal injuries do not put them into the recovery position as this may make the injury worse. If you are in any doubt, and the person is in no further danger by being left in their original position, do not move them. Wait for the paramedics to arrive.