Keith David Richardson 26/07/1976 – 15/10/2009

“My son was only 33 yrs of age, he left a loving family behind, we all miss him and wonder how his life would have been if only his path of choice would have been different. The Serenity Prayer is very dear to me in my dark and lonely hours, when I cry for my son. How we cannot change the things that are passed, but we may make a difference today, and we must pray for wisdom to be able to know the difference between the past and the present. I hope other families know that they are not alone, and we must help each other when we have our lonely times”.

The video below was created by a true friend of Loved Ones Unite, using one of the very few photos of Keith when he was well, and put the to the music “Welcome To My World”, which was played at his funeral. Read Keith’s story on the About Us page.

The video is best watched in HD