Paul Burstow MP, Minister for Care Services, has announced a consultation on what the Government should prioritise to support carers from 2011-2015. This will focus on how best to deliver the five goals for carers in the existing Carers’ Strategy, launched in 2008. The overarching vision is that by 2018: “carers will be universally recognised and valued as being fundamental to strong families and stable communities. Support will be tailored to meet individuals’ needs, enabling carers to maintain a balance between their caring responsibilities and a life outside caring, while enabling the person they support to be a full and equal citizen.” The five areas that are being focussed on to achieve this are:

  • carers will be respected as expert care partners and will have access to the integrated and personalised services they need to support them in their caring role
  • carers will be able to have a life of their own alongside their caring role
  • carers will be supported so that they are not forced into financial hardship by their caring role
  • carers will be supported to stay mentally and physically well and treated with dignity
  • children and young people will be protected from inappropriate caring and have the support they need to learn, develop and thrive, to enjoy positive childhoods and to achieve against all the Every Child Matters outcomes

The Government are asking for responses by 20-09-10 so that the Department of Health can use the feedback to inform the Spending Review which will set out spending plans for 2011-15.

The Princess Royal Trust for Carers will be holding discussions and surveys on this to get your suggestions.

View the letter from Paul Burstow MP and the consultation document—>

Note: This consultation is relevant in England.

Find out more about the Scottish Government’s ‘Caring Together’ and ‘Getting it Right for Young Carers’ strategies—>, launched on 26 July 2010